4 VS 1 | Surely 4 Roadies Can Beat A Time Trial Bike?!

In the beginning, there were two against one. We saw that the combined power and teamwork of two road-riders wasn’t enough to overcome the aerodynamics of one rider on a time-trial bike. Next, there were three, and they still failed to topple the time-trialist. Now, there are four.


Seriously you guys, I think it’s just time to give up. Hank: Not so fast Richardson, we cut the deficit last time from 41 seconds to 28 seconds, and we lost 20 of those getting stuck behind a car. It’s all to play for. Last time we enlisted the help of Alex Peyton, just retired pro and our tech presenter, so this time we enlisted the help of– Dad, what are you doing here? Dad: Well, I wasn’t going to just sit here in the car and then drive you home. Hank: You can’t do this race, it’s over 50K an hour. Your E-Bike won’t be able to make it. Dad: Well, I reckon I’m better than Connor. Connor: That’s a bit harsh, that. Dad: More aerodynamic. Hank: Yes, you are. He is more aerodynamic.


Anyway, no, no, no, no, we haven’t enlisted dad. We’ve enlisted Olly Bridgewood. [music] Olly: Seriously guys, how am I supposed to look cool and powerful with that music playing? [music] Hank: Right guys, we really, really need to win this one. It’s almost getting embarrassing and the viewers are started to think that, well, Si is better than us. Speaker?: Ridiculous. Speaker?: Not in any way. Speaker?: That’s rubbish. Hank: It’s rubbish isn’t it? He does have better equipment, that is a given, but with the extra horsepower, we can ramp up the speed, go a bit faster because we’re going to have longer time to shelter and recover. Connor: What’s shelter, Hank?



Hank: Yes. You can’t shelter. Connor: No. Hank: Sorry mate. Si: I am actually quite nervous this time. As the guys said, it was really close before, and when I looked at the breakdown of our times on Strava, you could see that they were actually faster than me over the first half of the segment, and they only pulled them back on that drag to the line. It is going to be touch-and-go. I don’t think I can pace it any better and I don’t think I can try any harder, so I’m basically just going to have to do my best and keep my fingers crossed. My bike and equipment remains the same. The only slight problem I’ve got is it’s so cold today, I don’t really want to ride in just a skin suit but I keep thinking that any time I put some warm clothes on it’s going to make me slower. I think I’m just going to have to harden up. Speaker 6: Are you ready guys? Speaker?:


Yes. Speaker 6: No pressure. Just [laughs] do your best. Speaker?: Gosh. Speaker 6: Right, three, two, one, go. [music] [inaudible 00:02:52] Speaker?: Wait, I’m in the wrong gear. [music] Speaker?: Where’s [inaudible 00:03:37] Speaker?: He’s at the back. Connor?: Have to go on without him. We’ll have to go on without him. Speaker?: Hold the back till the end. Speaker?: Easy, Hank. Speaker?: Come on boys, got to turn it up. We got this. [groans] Speaker?: Up, up. Speaker?: I can’t. Speaker?: Easy. Speaker?: All the way, all the way. [groans] Hank: So, what a blooming hard ride. We managed it really well, we were really smooth, but unfortunately, we lost our aero king. Speaker 6: Three- Speaker?: Come on Si. Speaker 6: -two, one. [music] Si: 680 watts, getting a bit excited for this first turn. Okay. The roads look so sketchy. [music] Si: Like a cyclo-cross time trial. [pause 00:05:13] Speaker?: Come on, Si. Speaker?: Looking very tired, isn’t he? Just as well. Si: Like a cyclo-cross time trial. Yes, I did. Speaker 2: I feel like we should give him winner. [laughs] Connor: How did it go mate, your gut reaction?

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Si: Didn’t feel as smooth as last time. Didn’t feel as good, but yes, obviously. Connor: Get your breath, mate. Good effort. Speaker 2: All right, guys. Connor: Get yourself warm. Speaker 2: Let’s get warm. Let’s get the results. Si: All right guys. You went first, I think it’s only fair that you give the results first. Connor: Okay. Speaker 4: Go on Connor. Speaker 5: Go on, hit us, Connor. Connor: I do know the time. We did it in 13 minutes and one second. [groans] I don’t know. Speaker?: We went quicker than last time. Si: 12 minutes 59, there was two seconds in it. Speaker 2: Oh my God. Two seconds. Connor: What. What. Speaker?: Oh dear. Speaker?: Really. Speaker 5: That’s insane. Si: I was 11 seconds slower than I was last time. Connor: No way.


Speaker 2: Two seconds in it? Speaker?: That is ridiculous. Connor: We went so hard. I don’t know if I can do another one. Speaker 4: I could do another one. Si: That makes me feel a little bit queasy, thinking how close it was. Right, well, there you go. Four versus one, still the time trial bike just edges it but my oh my it’s close now, isn’t it? Speaker 4: It is close. Yes, massive thank you to Olly for joining. Si: Thanks for coming mate. Speaker?: Cheers Olly. [laughs] Olly: I’m coming back, I’m coming back. Si: Right, thank you very much for watching everyone, we will see you next time with five versus one? Speaker 2: Yes, don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up, eh guys? Si: Two seconds. [00:07:27] [END OF AUDIO]

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